Our Mission:

»We aspire to be a partner you can trust who provides efficient and safe maritime transportation services to the mutual benefit of our customers, employees, communities and the environment«


Our  Values:


We seek to contribute competitiveness to our customers by anticipating and meeting their needs

We encourage creativity and innovation, introducing solutions that are beyond the ordinary 

We strive to continuously improve the quality and effectiveness of services rendered



We believe that personal commitment and work well done makes a difference 

We challenge ourselves to create value and exceed customers’ expectations

We are passionate about our  work and our company 


We act in an ethical manner, focused on sustainability and safeguarding our reputation

We encourage personal and professional development and a fair balance between work and private life 

We promote team spirit in a multicultural environment, without discrimination of any kind



We are committed to developing and stimulating a safe working culture onboard ships and ashore

We place safety first, to keep health, life, environment, cargoes and assets free of risks 

We believe that safety is an integral part of our mindset and key to our business success